Happiness is a choice.

I fully believe that happiness is a choice. Sure, some life circumstances suck and the universe doesn’t always have our back. But the way we react to every situation is fully in our control.

Its been heavy on my mind lately the way I let others and situations I can’t control have such an effect on my mood. Obviously it’s not a daily occurrence, but just interacting with some people or being certain places (driving on 270, for example) just puts me in a foul mood. You know what I mean? When I think about that, I’m always struck in the gut with feelings of guilt. “Like why does that bother me so much?” “Surely they’re not pissing me off on purpose?” – And then I laugh, because I know that’s so not true.

It’s times like that when I sit back and meditate. It’s amazing what taking just ten minutes to calm and open up your mind can do. I often come to the conclusion that we’re all struggling with stuff. Money issues, relationship drama, unemployment, infertility, death, loss. Life. You name it; we’ve all been through it.

So the next time you come across someone that rubs you the wrong way, ask them how they’re doing, if they’d like to talk. Really. I can almost guarantee you they’re not intentionally trying to pissing you off . They might just be going through some shitty stuff. And if you’re the ones going through something – if you’ve been given a horrible bunch of lemons – think about how you’re reacting to the situation. Did you just cut someone off in traffic because you had a bad day? Did you yell at the cashier because they were moving to slow? Did you just get horrible news so your cursed at the person next to you? If so, apologize. Take some time for yourself, by yourself, at your favorite place. Or talk to someone. You guys, we all get lonely; we all have bad days. Reach out to your people. Meet up and get coffee (or wine!). Give someone a hug. You’ll start to feel better, promise.

We’re all warriors. Think of all you’ve been dealt, all you’ve gotten through and accomplished up to this point. How you react to everything from this point forward is on you. And just a tidbit of advice: if you can’t control the situation (and your safety is not at risk), then ‘let that shit go’.

One thought on “Happiness is a choice.

  1. Excellent advice Sam! Letting go is a process but you gave great examples to follow. Meditaton is a wonderful tool, so is yoga, Qi gong, Tai Chi to name a few other ways to center your soul but not BE self-centerd. Have a great 🐯 day.

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