đź“·: Feathered Flaws
I have such a fear of flying. So much so that I usually only get on a plane once every few years. This most recent trip, to Sedona for a week and then back to Columbus, consisted of five flights. FIVE! Five take-offs and five landings. With the turbulence on a couple, I almost didn’t think I’d make it through.

But then I look at this photo and think of the missed opportunities I would have had, had I refused to get on another flight. Gorgeous views, like the ones captured in that photo. Opportunities that allowed me to rely on my husband as my protector and my rock. Breathtaking scenes of mountains so high and wide that pictures just can’t do them justice. Relationships, and people we met from across the country including Georgia, Texas and Utah. The peaceful and serene lifestyle of the west that we were able to experience firsthand.

You guys, to think I almost missed all of that because of fear. Fear can be such a debilitating thing. Whether the perception of what we’re scared of is real or imagined, it still exists. But the thing is, without that fear, I don’t think these experiences would be so sweet. I don’t think we’d appreciate what it means to overcome those anxieties and relish in the beauty of being on the other side.

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